Bioenergy Services


Today’s bioenergy projects require a diverse team of professionals to design and engineer the fully integrated systems sought by our clients.

Ventek’s entire business model revolves around bioenergy. We have gathered a team of professionals that understand all the distinctive and typical components required to formulate a successful bioenergy project. Mechanical, civil, structural, and electrical engineering all play an important role in the design and installation of a bioenergy system. These various engineering disciplines comprise the core of our successful bioenergy corporation.

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Bio Fuel and Logistics

The selection of fuel type is critical and an important factor in the design process of a bioenergy project. Moisture content, particle size, and bulk density need to be analyzed for proper equipment selection and storage facility design. Transportation and supply logistics are key for coordination of an economical and uninterrupted fuel supply.

Ventek understands biofuel types and their inherent qualities. Analysis of fuels for delivered net energy value is undertaken on all projects to ensure to our clients the best and most economical fuel choice for their individual project needs.

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Project Economics

The financial aspects of any project are an important factor for determining the feasibility and success of project moving forward.

The capital cost of a bioenergy project can be substantially higher than a conventional system burning fossil fuels. The savings, however, can be substantial when comparing fuel costs over a given period of time.

At Ventek, all projects proposed or contemplated are analyzed in detail for determining accurate pay back periods. Factors such as historical fuel consumption, fuel cost, escalation rate, fuel cost comparison, maintenance cost, anticipated upgrades or replacements of existing systems, and conventional system installations, are all taken into consideration for determining Present Net Value and payback time period for initial capital cost investments. All calculations take into account the net energy value of the delivered fuel for accurate comparison purposes.

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Carbon Foot Print Calculations

The calculation of the total tonnes of C02 savings is submitted for all the projects undertaken by Ventek.

The tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and the associated carbon credits associated with the burning of biofuels are becoming increasingly valuable in the capital cost analysis and ultimate feasibility of a project.

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Containerized Systems

Remote locations are often best serviced by fully containerized boiler systems. This allows for complete assembly of all components in a shop setting with a tested system delivered to the site. This eliminates delays in field assembly and start-up times and allows for relocation of the boiler house if required in the future. Supply, return, feed water, and electrical are the only single point connections required to have the boiler up and running.

At Ventek, we offer two types of containerized systems, depending on the ambient winter design temperatures for the area. Moderate or temperate zones are suited for boiler systems installed in regular 20 and 40 foot containers. The size is determined by the boiler plant capacity. In colder temperature, pre manufactured Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) buildings are supplied with skid mounted boiler components in modular designs that can be slid into place in the building.

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Project Management

All projects require not only a design team to be successful, but a team of project managers and installers that can ensure the system is installed correctly and in a timely manner. Ventek’s installation teams are factory trained and have years of mechanical experience guaranteeing to our clients smooth start-up and trouble free operation.

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Feasibility Studies

Projects large and small often require a feasibility study or pre-engineering study for compliance to various constraints before entering into the project stage. Items such as flue gas emissions, physical plant design, fiber selection, logistics of fiber supply, and project economics are important considerations.

The staff at Ventek is accustomed to studies of bioenergy systems and the magnitude required answering the hard questions for our clients. The feasibility study stage, although an option to any project, can be a tremendous tool for time and capital management, especially in larger projects.

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Training and Support

At the completion of each project, the clients’ maintenance personnel undergo a detailed and comprehensive training program that touches not only on the regular maintenance issues but explains the operating principals and design parameters of the system.

The remote visualization control option that is normally installed on most of our systems, allows for Ventek to correspond with the maintenance personnel in real time, and to discuss any problems or concerns from anywhere in the world.

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